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Brain-Behavior Info
Four Lobes of the Brain
Frontal Lobe - attention and concentration, motivation, thinking, planning, decision making, problem solving, personality, behavior, emotions, social behavior, self awareness, judgment, expressive language (Broca's area), body movement (motor strip), intelligence.
Temporal Lobe - hearing, memory, understanding language/receptive language (Wernicke's area), musical awareness, sequencing skills.
Parietal Lobe - tactile perception/ touch, awareness of spatial relations, academic skills.
Occipital Lobe - visual input/perception (color, light, movement).
Specialized Areas of the Brain
Angular Gyrus - understanding metaphors and out-of body experiences (a sensation of floating outside of one's body).
Auditory Primary Area - signals from each ear are combined and transmitted to both ipsalateral (on the same side as the ear) and contralateral (on the opposite side of the ear) auditory cortex.
Broca's Area - expressive language (speech or sign production and language processing).
Cerebellum - coordination, movement, balance, and equilibrium.
Motor Cortex - conscious movement of muscles, fine control of movement of different body parts (face, mouth, hands, etc.)
Olfactory Bulb and Track - conduct smell impulses.
Sensory Cortex - sensation like touch, pain, temperature and pressure.
Visual Primary Area - visual input/perception.
Wernicke's Area - Understanding Language.